Monthly Subscription Plans


$19.00 / month


$49.00 / month


$119.00 / month


$299.00 / month
Up to 3 sites Up to 15 sites Up to 50 sites
That's only $2.38 per Client!
Up to 150 sites
That's only $1.99 per Client!
Included Included Included Included
3 15 50 150
40 120 400 1,200
Included Included Included
30 150 500 1,500

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Uptime Checks

We recommend one uptime check per site but you may need more if your site it based on more than one server.

Link Checks per month

Our recommendation is based on link / image checking each site once per week but if you want to check your site(s) daily you may need a higher plan with more link checks per month.

*Note: Each link check will crawl up to 25,000 pages in your site and for up to 15 hours, whichever comes sooner. Other reasonable limitations apply.

Branded Report Sharing

Enterprise, Consultant & Agency plans allow you to share the reports (and optionally the settings) for specific sites with your colleagues or customers. They don't need a paid account to use this service. You can also add your own logo so they're exposed to your branding every time they sign in to CloudTrawl.

SMS Alerts on signup

When you sign up you'll receive an initial balance of international SMS alerts. You can top these up later when you start running low.