Share branded reports & settings

With our Enterprise, Consultant & Agency plans you can automatically invite your customers, clients & colleagues to create a free account with us; they can then login to see the monitoring reports and settings for specific sites you share with them.

For designers, consultants & agencies

CloudTrawl is a phenomenal value add for your customers. Whether you're a designer with 10 customers or and agency with 150 regular clients you can monitor all of their websites and allow them to login & see reports just for their sites. You can also allow select clients to change their own monitoring settings.

Providing CloudTrawl monitoring for your clients shows you care & increases the perceived value of your services. CloudTrawl also provides a trusted third party opinion if your customer believes there's an issue with a site.

You can even add your own logo to CloudTrawl. Your customers will see your logo every time they log in; reinforcing your brand & reminding them of the value you provide, all from only $1.99 per client per month!.

Share with colleagues

The sharing feature can also give your colleagues access to the monitoring & reports and settings for specific sites.

This means meany people in your organization can share the responsibility for keeping your sites in great shape & interested parties can keep in the loop.